Scott Sherman Healing Meditation

A three to four-day residential conference (usually one-to-one) that is designed to clarify the client's long-term vision and purpose. This retreat-like experience is followed by a six-month coaching agreement which is recommended.

"The VisionQuest was beyond any experience I could have imagined... an invaluable tool. I progressed leaps and bounds-coming to clarity on issues that could have taken years in therapy to resolve. Most of all, I value the true and lasting friendship we have come to. I pray that your work reaches many." (Bank Vice-President, Washington)

"I have made major transformations in my professional and personal life... my personal income is up 40% (in four months). Thanks for helping me become clear about what is really important in my life." (CEO, California)

"I am so glad I did VisionQuest. It was the best gift I have ever given myself. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving. My life has changed and is continuing to change in very positive ways because of what I learned from you." (Business Manager, California)

"Now, six months later, thanks to the deep and soul searching multifaceted inquiry you led me through, I stand at the threshold of abundant opportunities feeling strong and clear with my body-mind-spirt in complete alignment. I am ready and anzious to move forward and offer all that I have to offer to my family and friends, to the programs I create and facilitate and those who are served by them, and to the larger issues I dedicate my time and energy to. I am in a place of appreciation and gratitude for LIFE and for my life that cannot possibly be expressed in words." (Business Owner, Florida)

"I was especially grateful for the length of time he gave me, and his unconditional presence throughout that time frame. After the VisionQuest, Scott also coached me in the use of a number of practical exercises to gain clarity on the ongoing basis. I recall a lot of apprehension and fear before beginning the process. I was asking myself if it was really prudent for me to turn myself over to one person for an extended period of time. Not only was I apprehensive about losing the control but also taking so much time from my busy schedule. As I completed the process and looked back on it all I would say the VisionQuest experience was one of the best gifts I have given myself." (Minister, California)

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