Scott Sherman Healing Meditation

Presentations for conferences, conventions and trainings developed and delivered at your venue. Mr. Sherman is free to travel throughout the Americas and Europe. He has presented in over 30 countries around the world.

"The finest presentation I have been to... ever!"(Vice-President, Putnam Investments, Boston)

"Your warmth and good humor started our conference off on exactly the right foot." (New Jersey Bankers' Association)

"When can you come back?" (Executive Director, Chamber of Commerce, Ohio)

"Your willingness to be of help and of service is only surpassed by your expertise and your warm graciousness. Thank you for presenting so professionally. You made me (and the event) look great!" (Event chairman, Missouri)

"We have invited Scott back again in January to present his seminar and offer private sessions. Already people are signing up and planning to bring their friends. In the ten years I have served here, I have never seen this group so enthusiastic about a seminar or special event." (CEO, California)

Some Keynote and Presentation Titles:
"Your Heart, Open and Willing"
"Sacred Quantum Healing Power"
"Love is the Answer; What's the Question?"
"Love: Sacred and Sublime"
"Appreciative Inquiry = Success"
"Quantum Secrets"

Descriptions of trainings for both Sacred and Quantum Healing Meditations are included in our Shopping Cart.

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