Scott Sherman Healing Meditation

"Sacred Healing Meditation and Quantum Healing Experiences"

My fascination with the Sacred Healing Meditation and its first cousin, the Quantum Healing Experience, began from my own "first-time" 25 years ago. To say that I was a skeptic prior to that moment is a huge understatement. I had looked at spiritual healers as strange at best and certainly not to be taken seriously. However, since my initiator was a medical doctor, I stilled my doubts for a few minutes. Now, thanks to my own experiences as both a recipient and an active "hands-on" spiritual healer, my life has been transformed.

How did I come to accept this process. A businessman who had seen me demonstrate the process at a retreat nearly ten years ago came to me and insisted that I share a Sacred Healing Meditation with him to heal his late-stage prostate cancer. He said he "knew" he would be healed by the process. So I agreed to do it. He reported that within three weeks the cancer was gone and his oncologist cancelled the surgery.

Since that time, I have shared the Sacred Meditation Healing experience with nearly 6,000 individuals. Hundreds have reported dramatic results in every area of their lives. I know there are doubtlessly many, many more reports, but since these experiences have been throughout North America and Europe, I rarely get feedback from the more distant Sacred Meditation partners when I leave their area.

My intuition and early training from Dr. Richard Moss, MD led me to a "style" that is quite different from that of Dr. Brugh Joy who developed the "Spiral Meditation" and whose work has become the core of the "Healing Touch" movement. Here are some of the differences that I now include:

1. We hold a consciousness of Unconditional or Divine Love for each other throughout - emphasizing the shared nature of the experience.

2. We invite the receptive to hold thoughts of gratitude and exquisite receptivity.

3. We open the experience with verbal guided meditation or imagery and close it in the same way.

4. Background music is carefully chosen to deepen the experience and used consistently in all our experiences on specifically prepared CDs.

5. We take several minutes to meditate or pray silently and affirmatively for the receptive midway through the experience.

6. We "stay with" the recipient until he/she is able to complete the experience and then support them gently until they return to "normal" consciousness.

At this writing hundreds have been taught the basics of these experiences to share with family and friends and now many professionals in medicine, nursing, chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy, etc are using these techniques with their patients or clients every day. Their reports are just as dramatic as I have experienced personally. I am deeply grateful to be able to pass on these gifts.

My early doubts have now been replaced with excitement and curiosity. I am learning the tenets of what has been dubbed "energy medicine." I am studying the works of today's most brilliant minds - many of whom hold that this form of healing may be the wave of the future for all of us. Whether that proves true or not, these powerful techniques clearly are now changing lives simply through the power of an open heart and gentle touch. I am so grateful to be part of this wellness revolution! I invite you to join us.

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