Scott Sherman Healing Meditation

Using touch or near touch, in a dynamic spiral, healing occurs. This process is based upon the work of Dr. Brugh Joy and Dr. Richard Moss, MDs with whom Scott has worked for over 25 years. Additionally, Scott has incorporated positive, imperative meditative statements into the process to further facilitate healing and an expanded sense of well being. He has shared this powerful process with nearly 6,000 men, women and children in the last six years. Here are a few comments:

"I donít remember ever feeling this good in my life!"
"Scott, you are a miracle worker. I havenít had a migraine since you did your "healing" on me. God thanks you and so do I."
"Shortly after my Sacred Meditation session my oncologist found no evidence of the cancer. My surgery was cancelled."
"Within three weeks of my motherís Sacred Meditation, she was over her three years of clinical depression. Her doctor took her off all medication a few weeks after that. I consider it a miracle."
"After my Sacred Meditation my T-Cell counts were the best in three years. Thank you so much"
"WOW!!! with four exclamation points!"

In addition to his healing work with individuals, Scott is now traveling the Americas and Europe presenting Sacred Meditation seminars and trainings for healthcare professionals, clergy, massage therapists and lay-people. Individuals who may wish to be certified in this process as an addition to their present healing modalities are invited to contact him for a schedule of these trainings; many of which qualify for professional CEUs . Please go to the "Travel" section of this website for event details, dates and times.

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