Scott Sherman Healing Meditation

One time or longer term agreements that deal with the specific needs of the company or individual.

"My Board of Directors was in full revolt led by a very powerful attorney Scott worked with us for four months returning again and again until we had a sense of order and direction. The attorney quietly resigned from the Board at Scott's request. I have had a successful relationship with the Board for over 15 years since that time and our organization is prospering." (CEO, Tennessee)

"I was thunderstruck by your offer to actually go to court with us during the lawsuit. Your quiet counsel surely produced the confidence for our side that caused the other side to withdraw their claim (to our corporate assets) just when it looked like we would lose. Thank you, thank you, thank you." (Board president, St. Louis)

"We were at an impasse (in our founder's retirement buy-out negotiations) until you agreed to act as a mediator. Now we have an agreement that we can live with and that he is very happy with as well. I can honestly say that if you had not been there, we probably would have been forced to go into court to settle this!" (President, manufacturing company, Wisconsin)

"Scott gave me the sense that I was the only person in the world during our coaching experience. I was at a career and personal crisis. He helped me find new approaches and the courage to put them to work." (CEO, California).

"Many thanks for your time and energy... The ideas you expressed were specific, clear and most useful. I've decided to glide rather than do battle." (Creative Director, California)

"Just as I thought my work with Scott couldn't get any better, I discovered the best was yet to come!! The follow-up coaching was even more wonderful. At first, we scheduled telephone conversations every two weeks. The half-hour conversations were so supportive and affirming. I felt like I was sitting at the feet of the Master, who was totally devoted to having me win. I've heard it said that a great coach is as invested in the scoreboard as the players AND is able to bring another viewpoint to the game. This certainly has been my experience of being coached by Scott." (CEO, Florida)

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