Scott Sherman Healing Meditation

The Appreciative Inquiry (AI) process, in my opinion, is the finest approach to organizational planning and growth that I have ever seen. For many, many years I led church congregations and businesses in more traditional strategic planning processes. Most of these did not start, nor spend nearly enough time interviewing key individuals prior to beginning the planning process to determine the most powerful experiences of that person in that organization - what inspired them to support that organization.

AI does exactly this. It asks each participant (and we want many participants) to tell what their highest transformative experiences have been. When each has told "their story," it becomes crystal-clear exactly what are the core aspects (DNA) of that particular organization: What has deeply moved each of them? What encourages and inspires them week after week? What do they hope (dream) will be the direction in the future? What are they willing to work towards? Etc.

I have now done this work with a dozen congregations and several businesses. It is powerful and productive. I highly recommend it. I would hope that every organization would someday have the opportunity to experience its wonder and effectiveness.

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