Scott Sherman Healing Meditation

Scott Sherman has dedicated his life to helping others find creative answers to professional, personal and business issues. He holds a BA from Lawrence University; an MA from the University of Hawaii and dozens of hours of post-graduate education in the professions and business.

He was a decorated Intelligence Officer in the USAF leaving the service as a Captain. He has served as Outreach Director, CEO, President and Chairman of the Association of Unity Churches. For three years he was chairman of The Executive Committee, an international business enhancement organization, in South Florida coaching CEOs and their direct reports and facilitating programs of benefit to them and their companies.

He has been named in Who's Who in the West and was Member of the Year of The Professional and Business Forum. He has received recognition from both the private and public sectors for his outstanding service.

In the last 30+ years he has assisted over 250 organizations and thousands of individuals find their higher vision, a place of balance and wholeness and answers to extremely difficult issues. His warmth and understanding produce insights of great depth for both men and women.

The work of Scott Sherman and EnVision is dedicated to the premise that each of us is a unique person with unique gifts that we are to give to one another and our world; by giving these gifts we are fulfilled and abundantly compensated in every way. We are created as fully capable of giving these gifts and totally achieving our purpose if we express ourselves from high principles.

Scott strongly advocates the principle that the most powerful basis for life is Unconditional Love. This principle is the answer to any question, the solution to any issue or problem. In short: "Love is the answer, what's the question?" To help individuals and organizations accomplish their purposes, Scott has created a three-fold program that includes VisionQuests, Healing Experience and Appreciative Inquiry symposia. Details of these programs are included on other website pages, but here is an overview:

The VisionQuest is an individual or couple retreat which includes deep, meditative connection to one's highest dreams and desires. Scott guides the Quester on a one-to-one basis during an intense three-five day personal retreat and follows through with several months of mentoring. He thus helps call forth the highest aspirations of each individual and supports them in following through until the transformation is well underway.

The Healing Experience includes the spiritually-based Sacred Meditation Healing Experience and the Quantum Healing Experience. Scott has adapted these from the work of medical doctors and spiritual adepts around the world. Using the basis of Unconditional or Divine Love, these processes not only heal, but empower the receptive person to higher life expression.

The Appreciative Inquiry is designed to serve organizations. This process goes far beyond traditional strategic planning as it starts from questions that elicit positive, life-fulfilling responses. Participants focus on what is working most powerfully within members of the organization and then apply those insights to the group as a whole. In short, all start from the premise: Let's look at the good, the effective, the inspiring and enhance that in our organization. Scott has used this process very effectively with both businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

In summary, many talk about the power of Unconditional Love in our lives and our world, Scott Sherman powerfully applies the principle and proves that it works.

International Coach Federation
Institute for Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine
Association for Humanistic Psychology
Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology
Association of Unity Churches
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