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This is information and insights for our new Healing Circles. NOTE: Qualified Practitioners may add their comments to this Healing Circles blog. Please contact Scott for the password.


Scott Sherman has received approval to present a "Sacred Meditation Healing Circle Workshop" at the Association of Unity Churches annual People's Convention in Overland Park, Kansas in June 10, 2009. There will be two 90 minute presentations. Everyone attending is invited. There is no charge. Sacred Meditation and Quantum Meditation CDs will be available for purchase at special Convention prices.

Recent {2008} Comments and Recommendations for the Sacred Meditation Healing Experience and Healing Circles from Ministers, Organizational Leaders and Individuals.

I write this in hope that we join together as Unity Ministries to offer within our churches and centers Sacred Meditation Healing Circles. Unity in and the past has been well known as a place offering healing services to our communities. We have found that after having Rev. Scott Sherman offer his program many people in our church community have continued to come and be served by our practitioners. In turn we have seen a deeper commitment to practicing Unity principles as a way to complete wholeness in mind, body, and spirit. Many of the graduates offer their services to our members and to those outside our church. The group meets once a quarter to share their experience and practice on each other for the greater good. This renewed interest in healing fostered by using Sacred Meditation techniques has breathed life into our ministry.

I can only imagine what it can be like when more and more people tap into and use this powerful modality. I see us as a movement once again at the forefront of bring balance, healing and wholeness into the world.

With deepest love from the Christ within us all

Rev. Andrew Conyer, Unity of Sebring, Life Enrichment Centre, Sebring FL

For the past five years, Unity of Louisville has been holding healing circles for one Sunday a month. This continues to be a successful ministry of aligning Spirit with others to extend divine energy, bringing renewed life physically, mentally, and emotionally. While there are various healing modalities offered, Sacred Meditation is one that I would highly recommend. The “Energy Works” team of approximately 25 people also goes to hospitals and nursing homes to share their love and light. I foresee this ministry continuing to grow as it contributes to the health and harmony of all.

- Rev. Susan EngPoole, Unity of Louisville, KY

Those of us who took the Sacred Meditation May, 2008, at Unity Community Church in San Jose, CA, truly benefited from the experience. We are in the process of getting our group back together to enhance our own usage of this wonderful modality of connection with Spirit so that we can open this experience to the larger congregation. I highly recommend that The International Association Of Unity Churches open this path to the larger Unity movement during the 2009 conference. It is not so much a healing practice as it is a practice of being open to the Spirit of God working in and through us to bring us back into a place of sensing and being whole and holy. The integrity and dedication of Rev. Scott Sherman comes through his gentle and loving approach to a basic Unity principle of the Christ presence within us all. Blessings of Love & Light, Rev Irene Whitmore,

Unity Church, San Jose, CA

This letter is in response to your request for those of us who have taken the Sacred Healing Meditation seminars and training to speak up and let others know the benefits of this meditation. Those of us who took your workshop while you were here at Unity in the Olympics Church in Port Angeles, WA., have found this work extremely valuable. We are overjoyed, not only for the healings that have happened but also the connection with others that it provides within our congregation and the community at large. Such a simple process, that is so powerful. This process is Unity at its most powerful.

Thank You and Many Blessings

Char Coachman, Board President,

Unity in the Olympics Church, Pt Angeles, WA

Yes, your workshop was very well received by our congregation. We already have a healing center here at First Unity Church, The Caring Center, that operates every Wednesday evening... Your Sacred Meditation Healing training was added to their wealth of knowledge. I do not intend to facilitate another healing circle around just your work here in the Church as your work is already being incorporated within the arena provided. However, I fully endorse your desire to present of a workshop at the 2009 Unity Convention in Kansas City. I can speak for how valuable having the Sacred Meditation Healing Circles would be in a Church that doesn't already have a healing center. My personal experince and the response of my Caring Center healers of your Sacred Meditation Healing was that it is excellent.

My blessings are with you for success in this venture,

Rev. Judith Crooks, Unity of Memphis, KY

NOTE: Qualified practitioners may add their comments to this Healing Circles blog. Please contact Scott Sherman for the password.

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